Opening ceremony of the ninth joint Gulf Cancer Awareness Week

Minister of Health: Raising awareness of chronic diseases, especially cancer, is a strategic goal for the Ministry

Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadhi, the Minister of Health, emphasized the strategic importance of raising awareness about chronic diseases, particularly cancer, within the Ministry’s goals. He highlighted the Ministry’s commitment to reaching all sectors of society, across various ages and cultures. The Minister emphasized that health awareness campaigns on cancer could lead to a 30 percent increase in early detection and cure rates, aligning with essential sustainable development goals and contributing to the Ministry’s budget dedicated to chronic diseases.

Speaking at the launch of the ninth joint Gulf Cancer Awareness Week under the theme “We are with you,” Dr. Al-Awadhi emphasized the significance of early detection in reducing treatment periods, complications, and overall healthcare efforts. The Gulf Week, a collaborative effort between the Gulf Health Council and the Gulf Federation for Cancer Control, has successfully conducted awareness programs and early detection initiatives over its nine-year history.

Dr. Khaled Al-Saleh, the Secretary-General of the Gulf Federation for Cancer Control, commended the Gulf Week for achieving commendable goals in enhancing awareness about cancer. With over 2,120 events conducted since its inception in 2016, the initiative has garnered support from 19 civil society organizations, government agencies, and private sector institutions, emphasizing the collective commitment to raising awareness and supporting the healthcare system.

Dr. Hessa Al-Shaheen, the head of the Gulf Week’s coordinating committee, outlined the diverse program for the current year, comprising 60 scientific, social, sporting, artistic, and entertainment activities aimed at all segments of society. Recognition, in the form of an award, is introduced for associations excelling in activities before, during, and after the week. Dr. Al-Shaheen emphasized the importance of fostering awareness culture to achieve higher recovery rates and promote healthy lifestyles, expressing gratitude to the Gulf Center for Cancer Control and the Gulf Federation for Cancer Control for their annual efforts in highlighting volunteer work across the Gulf countries.

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