Gulf Society of Oncology

In 2007, it was approved to establish the Gulf Oncology Society to be the scientific arm of the federation, and it was agreed on its objectives, which are as follows:
1) Scientific supervision of federation conferences and scientific activities
2) Encouraging and conducting joint scientific studies.
3) Cooperate with groups specialized in oncology branches in the federation to increase scientific cooperation between them.
4) Cooperate in publishing and following up the Gulf Journal of Oncology.
5) Regional and international communication to increase scientific exchange between the Gulf Federation for Cancer Control and regional and international associations.
The Gulf Society was formed of doctors in the GCC countries, Dr. Abdul Rahman Fakhro Dr. Khaled Al-Saleh, Dr. Ibrahim Schneiber, Dr. Bassem Al-Bahrani, Dr. Mahmoud Shaheen Al-Ahwal and Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Jasmi.

In the last meeting in Sharjah, 22 November 2022, Dr. Humaid Al Shamsi was recommended to be the rapporteur of the Gulf Society of Oncology, and he was asked to start his nominations for the new formation of the Gulf Society of Oncology.


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