Smoking Cessation Clinic Opens at Kuwait University’s College of Life Sciences

The Kuwait Society for Smoking and Cancer Prevention (KSSCP) has inaugurated a new smoking cessation clinic at the College of Life Sciences in Sabah Al-Salem University City, coinciding with World No Tobacco Day. This initiative underscores the Society’s commitment to raising awareness about the harms of smoking and providing support for those wishing to quit.

Dr. Hessa Al-Shaheen, a board member and treasurer, praised the university administration’s cooperation in establishing the clinic. She highlighted the serious physical, mental, and social harms of smoking and noted the success of a similar clinic reopened in 2021 at the Society’s headquarters, which saw increased visitor numbers and successful quitters. The new clinic aims to assist young people, particularly targeted by aggressive tobacco marketing, including electronic smoking products falsely promoted as cessation aids.

Deputy Director of Kuwait University for Planning, Asaad Al-Rashed, emphasized the importance of this first specialized smoking cessation clinic on campus. He thanked all involved parties and stressed the clinic’s role in educating about smoking harms and supporting those wishing to quit. Dr. Amal Al-Yahya, head of the Healthy Cities Office in the Ministry of Health, stated that this clinic strengthens Sabah Al-Salem University City’s status as a healthy university city and is part of the National Anti-Smoking Program, which includes 26 clinics offering digital follow-up and electronic health records.

Dr. Khaled Al-Saleh, Chairman of the Board of Directors (KSSCP), noted that treating tobacco addiction is crucial for anti-smoking programs. He pointed out the high smoking rates among Kuwaiti university students and stressed the clinic’s importance in providing support and treatments to help smokers quit. The opening of this clinic reflects a joint effort to promote sustainable health development in Kuwait, benefiting students, staff, and the wider community.



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