launch of the activities of the eighth joint Gulf week for cancer awareness in the State of Kuwait

The launch of the activities of the eighth joint Gulf week for cancer awareness in the State of Kuwait was announced under the auspices of His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Wahhab Al-Awadi. The opening ceremony brought together a number of experts, specialists, and representatives of governmental and private agencies and public benefit associations working in health and awareness centers, in addition to volunteers, media professionals, and those interested in this matter. Dr. Khaled Ahmed Al-Saleh, Secretary General of the Gulf Federation for Cancer Control (GFFCC) and a member of the advisory committee for the joint Gulf Week for Cancer Awareness, delivered his speech at the opening of the press conference, thanking the Minister of Health for sponsoring the Gulf Week, which is now in its eighth year, which is an indication of its success. Since the launch of the National Cancer Awareness Campaign (CAN), 80% believed that cancer is a fatal disease, while in 2017 this percentage shifted to 55%.

Dr. Al-Saleh explained that these numbers are the biggest encouragement for us to continue raising awareness to reach the final goal that the late arrival rate does not exceed 10%. Working in the field of cancer control, and for the government agencies to always participate with us in this success. He also thanked all the participating associations in the State of Kuwait, namely: Al-Sidra Association for Psychological Care for Cancer Patients, the Kuwaiti Society for Smoking and Cancer Prevention (KSSCP), the National Cancer Aware Nation (CAN) the Kuwaiti Association Women’s volunteerism for community service and development, Patients Helping Fund Society, Kuwait Oncology Association. Special mention was made of the media office at the Ministry of Health, whose leadership is considered a great supporter of all activities for all awareness programs, which gives the impression that the health ministries in the Cooperation Council have a full understanding of the importance of awareness and work on it, and I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Asaad Hafez, representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the State of Kuwait, for his keenness to participate with us, as well as Dr. Hammoud Al-Zoubi, Director of the Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases Department, who is a key partner in all the successes that occur in our beloved country.

Dr. Khaled Ahmed Al-Saleh dedicated this success to His Highness, the Emir of the State of Kuwait, may God protect him, and his trustworthy Crown Prince for their continuous support for awareness programs and events. Dr. Al-Saleh also appreciated the distinguished role of Dr. Hessa Majid Al-Shaheen, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Gulf Week in the State of Kuwait, who is making great efforts to make these weeks a success. All those who participated are representatives of voluntary associations in the State of Kuwait and representatives of the government sector, as well as the volunteers who are always with us at every step, and the supportive media professionals who are the important gateway to spreading awareness throughout the State of Kuwait.After that, Dr. Hessa Al-Shaheen spoke, expressing her pleasure to meet again at the celebration of the launch of the activities of the eighth joint Gulf week for cancer awareness, and mentioned that the success of these weeks is achieved thanks to the activity of the Coordinating Committee for the Gulf Week in the State of Kuwait, whose members represent their associations working in the field of cancer control and helping its patients, in addition to to support those who have recovered from it, and mentioned that the committee this year, within its program, directed part of its activities to this category, devoting them to their important role in the awareness messages that we prepare and launch this year, and mentioned that this year’s program varies to include scientific, social, sports, artistic and entertainment activities, targeting all Community groups, in addition to interest in messages, posts and videos that will be published on social media and other various media, audio, print and visual, and these events this year amount to (40) various events; It is an effort thanked by the member associations of the Coordinating Committee for Cancer Awareness.

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