The opening of the second medical conference of the Arab League on cancer diseases in Mukalla

On Tuesday evening (May 9, 2023) in the city of Mukalla, the work of the First International Conference on Cancer Diseases in Yemen began, entitled “Challenges and Future Directions.” At the opening of the conference, the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Vocational and Technical Training, Professor Dr. The conference was a success, stressing that the convening of such specialized scientific conferences enhances the educational and research science in Yemeni universities, in a way that benefits the educational system and society in general, indicating that the conference will stand before a malignant disease that has become disturbing to everyone and does not differentiate between a child, an old man and a woman, which necessitates Everyone, government, supportive institutions, businessmen, and civil society organizations, must stand together to confront it by all possible means, and shed light on it and modern methods of treatment.

Also, speeches were delivered at the opening ceremony about the Association of Arab Doctors for Cancer Control by Dr. Salem Ahmed Al-Khatib, and the Gulf Federation for Cancer Control by the Secretary-General, Dr. Khaled Ahmed AlSaleh, and the World Health Organization by the Director of the Organization’s Office in Hadramout, Dr. Ali Jaoul, and about the participating entities by the Dean of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences At the University of Aden, Dr. Abdul-Hakim Al-Tamimi, and on behalf of civil society organizations, delivered on their behalf by the Selah Foundation for Development, represented by its Executive Director, Mr. Ali Hassan Bashmakh, all of them praised the initiative of the Arab League to organize this scientific event that brought together excellence in terms of participation and beneficiaries at the health and academic levels, knowledge transfer and service provision.

Watch the full conference opening ceremony on YouTube:

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